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Dear Tom,

It had been five years since my parents passed away. Their home was filled with memories of many generations and represented a sense of love and family to us. Making the decision to sell their home was one that had was made after much thought. Once the decision was made to sell, the choice to whom we could entrust our family home had to be made. We spoke to several folks and the moment we spoke with you, we knew we had found the right person.

Tom, we are grateful to you for the kindness and understanding you provided to us every step of the way. The day we met face-to-face, you pulled up a chair outside of our parent’s home and shared your philosophy and care and concern to treat our family home like it was your family home. Every step of the way you reinforced that selling our home was a privilege by your actions and constant communication.

Will never forget the burden that was lifted from our shoulders when you told us you would take care of everything. And you did just that. Through the preparation for auction until the final signing, you kept us informed and your concern for us made the entire experience easy. In the end, we felt that the selling of our parents’ home was handled professionally and with dignity and by doing that you honored our parents which was most important to us.

Obviously, our trust in you a person and professional was reinforced as we selected you to sell the home where my husband and I had our first son. Also a place filled with love and memories. In both situations, the sell of the homes exceeded our expectations with regards to price.

Tom, we are grateful to you, personally and professionally. You have knowledge and wisdom blended with care and compassion which is a perfect combination for peace of mind during what can be a very emotional time.
With kindest regards,

Betsey Lewis Snow Betsey Snow

Estate Auction

Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Tom Jordan of Carolina Auction & Realty, Inc. out of Raleigh. Mr. Jordan was our primary point person in North Carolina on a Chapter 7 Arizona bankruptcy case. The case, known as “Kenactiv Innovations, Inc.” (Case No. of 2:13-bk-19096-GBN), consisted of 21+ acres of real estate, warehouses, and manufacturing equipment located in Snow Hill, North Carolina. You can imagine the difficulties that we would have encountered trying to handle this case from Arizona. So having a local, trusted professional with bankruptcy experience was critical to the successful outcome of the case.

Tom categorized the assets, gave a professional opinion as to their fair market value, and cataloged the personal property for auction along with the Real Estate. He also brought two well-qualified bidders to the table, which helped bring in $360,000.00 more for the land and buildings than the court was initially expecting.

This was a contentious case from start to finish. Tom’s genial demeanor and professional approach helped smooth a lot of ruffled feathers to resolve the case quickly and efficiently. He was able to work with the different parties and kept everyone informed and on the same page throughout the proceedings. He did a great job for us and I was very pleased with the outcome.

I would highly recommend Tom Jordan of Carolina Auction & Realty anytime you need an experienced and professional Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker or Appraiser. He can be reached at 919-832-8005. Feel free to call or email me if you’d like to further discuss my experience with Tom. Bill Manera, Phoenix, AZ

Bankruptcy Trustee

I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Tom Jordan, Auctioneer, Carolina Auction and Realty, Inc.

My father passed away quite suddenly at the end of April, 2008, leaving myself and my brother to answer the question, “What next?” as it pertained to his real and personal property. When I contacted Tom on the telephone, his demeanor was that of a caring professional. As we discussed possible options, Tom overviewed the process of an on-premises estate auction of both real and personal property, answered all questions, and offered to meet me at the property at my convenience.

I met Tom in person a few days later, after ‘surveying the property’ to see what we had, we sat down and Tom again reviewed all of our options, advised what he could and could not do, and made some recommendations for my brother and me to consider. As promised, a few days later a formal – and extremely professional – ‘Auction Marketing Proposal’ found its way into our email inboxes. Unlike proposals we received from other auction companies, Tom’s went through the entire process; from initial contact to a personalized marketing plan detailing what he would do to help us obtain the maximum for our property, his proposal left no questions unanswered.

On the basis of his proposal, answers to our questions, and the feeling that we could ‘trust’ him to do as he proposed, my brother and I engaged Tom to handle the sale of our father’s real estate (the personal property being to small to handle in that manner, we elected another route for liquidation of the personal property).

However, the property never made it to auction as Tom, through his marketing efforts, brought us multiple offers – all of which exceeded our reserve price – from interested buyers who wanted to consummate a deal prior to the auction taking place.

From our initial ‘interview’ throughout the entire process, Tom went out of his way to make sure we understood the entire process — which was no easy task considering my brother resides hundreds of miles away in New England. Nevertheless, Tom kept us in the loop the entire time offered to make sure whatever needed to be done was done. For example, When I was out of town and unable to meet a repairman, Tom took care of it. When I was unable to go to closing, Tom went to closing on our behalf.

If you need an auctioneer who goes above and beyond the call of duty, Tom Jordan is your man! And who knows, you just might wind up with a good friend – as I did – as a result of the transaction. Wes Huggins


Honor, Integrity, Trust. These are character traits that are, unfortunately, rare finds in today’s world.

Especially the business world. All too often, as the movie “A Few Good Men” pointed out, these words are used as punchlines to jokes. But when we find the “real deal”…someone who exhibits these character traits…we instinctively know this is someone in who we can place our confidence.
Tom Jordan is the “real deal”.

Recently, my brother and I lost our father. It was a very unexpected passing and left a tremendous burden on us. Yet, at a time when it would have been easy to take advantage of my brother and me, Tom Jordan came alongside and helped in ways we will never be able to adequately or completely thank him. His advice and guidance was sound. His help was compassionate. And in all aspects, he exhibited the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.
In the New Testament of the Bible, the apostle Paul exhorts us to encourage and help those around us. In the greek, the word is “paraclete” and can best be thought of as someone who comes alongside and shares the burden in a compassionate manner.

Personally, what I found most compelling was how he embodied the definition of this concept. Tom Jordan is a man of integrity and character who does not hesitate to help his clients in any way he can.

I can offer no higher recommendation than I do for Tom. He is a man of true character. Anyone doing business with Tom can rest assured that they are in the best of hands and that their interests are truly his. James W. Hugins, PhD, MS

I want to thank you for the tremendous job your firm did in selling both the real estate and personal property for my family. Your firm did an excellent job marketing the property and conducting the auction. The results exceeded my expectations.

I appreciate your responsiveness and reporting throughout the marketing campaign. I think everyone involved in this Estate felt very informed throughout the whole auction process, due to the weekly updates via phone & email. Additionally, it was less work for me as the Trustee to deal with one vender (Carolina Auction & Realty) instead of dealing separately with a real estate broker and an auctioneer. Most important to me was your “can do” attitude towards every aspect of the marketing/sale process.

The auction process gets the job done quickly and efficiently and leaves little room for buyers to back out. This is mainly due to the property being sold “as is” and free of contingencies. In conclusion, I want to say that you identified the market, attacked the market and achieved the optimum results at the sale. Thank you for your hard work. Richard Canfield

I would like to thank you for your exceptional services in the sale of my home. At the initial meeting you went over every detail answering all my questions. You took the time to listen to my needs to ensure we were all on the same page with a mutual goal. It was so easy on me knowing I only had two dates where I had to show my home (one being the date of the actual auction). Your correspondence throughout the auction-process was superb and I always felt up to date. Finally, I was amazed at the ease of the actual sale. Everything was done professionally, exceptionally, and with care. David Gore

From the first time we met with you, we knew we’d chosen the best person for the job and we would be in good hands. We felt we could completely trust you and your staff and that was so important, because our company and myself were in New York. What could have been a real “ordeal” for us turned into a great experience, given the short time I was given to liquidate our plant in North Carolina. If we ever need to have an auction again, we’ll call you without hesitation. Thanks so much. Frank Chamberland

VI Manufacturing Inc.

Our company recently used Carolina Auction & Realty to liquidate the assets of a now defunct company. The situation with the landlord, Debtor, and new tenant was very contentious. Mr. Jordan demonstrated the utmost professionalism and diplomacy throughout the process and was able to conduct a successful auction. Tom is the only North Carolina Auctioneer our company will use going forward.

Thank you Tom! Lisa Vespa

Collections Litigation Manager, EquipmentEngine Financial Services

After calling different auction companies, we met with Tom Jordan.  He sent us a proposal and it was clear and concise.  Not only did they do everything in the proposal but really went above and beyond to help us organize and get ready for this auction. Being a fabrication and machine shop, we had 18 years accumulation of not only large machines but a huge inventory of tooling, etc.  They organized and cataloged everything.  The employees were knowledgeable and looking back, I don’t know how this auction would have ever happened so smoothly, without their professional help.

Due to their advance advertising and work, the response was phenomenal. Being in a small town, we were impressed with the in-person response and the on-line response was a big boost to our sales.

He was always easy to contact with questions and even after the auction, was in contact with us, helping with all the questions that seem to pop up from different buyers.

We got a clear accounting of every item sold, with no surprises, when we received the check.

Thank you for making this difficult decision easier.  We would highly recommend Tom Jordan and this company for your auction. Mary Hartman

President, Alpha G.N. Manufacturing, Inc

It is indeed a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for the benefit of Carolina Auction & Realty.

The company takes control of all aspects of an auction from the time of engagement. The advertisements are ample, effective, and well-placed. Once the auction begins the various stages proceed in an almost effortless, seamless fashion. Competition among bidders is encouraged, but with subtlety.

The staff is highly-trained and efficient, performing with military-like precision. The principles for conducting the auction are innovative, yet sound; and as much energy is devoted to preparation to the sale itself. The personnel are extremely knowledgeable in the latest techniques for marketing property. They are also personable and above all people of integrity. Austin Thomas

Pamlico Supply Company

My auction is over and I never thought I would feel this good! It was such a hard decision to make but I know I chose the best company. You and your staff handled everything so professionally from beginning to end. Selling a family restaurant business is difficult at best. However, since I could literally turn everything over to you and your staff, the emotional element was removed. We are truly grateful to you for taking charge and providing us with excellent service. Charles Molesworth

Big Sky Bread Company

“North Carolina Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker & Certified Appraiser”